Learn More About Measure T

How much revenue will measure t raise?

Measure T will raise $650 million in general obligation bonds through an annual levy of about 11 cents through $1,000 of assessed value.

What Will the funds be used for?

Measure T will fund necessary infrastructure improvements including:

  • Upgrading 9-1-1 communications, police, fire and paramedics facilities to improve emergency and disaster response;
  • Repairing deteriorating bridges vulnerable to earthquakes;
  • Repaving streets and potholes in the worst condition;
  • Preventing flooding and water quality contamination; and
  • Repairing critical infrastructure

What Kind of Projects Will Measure T Fund?

San Jose’s storm water system includes more than 11 hundred miles of pipelines, 32 thousand storm drains and hundreds of outfalls that deposit water into rivers, creeks and the Bay. Parts of the system are more than 70 years old and need significant repairs and upgrades to prevent flooding and pollution.

San Jose’s streets and roads have been independently rated as just barely “fair” and are in danger of slipping closer to a “poor” rating. Measure V will provide funding to repair and improve streets and roads throughout our city. This means fixing potholes and repaving badly deteriorated streets in our neighborhoods.

Measure T will fund a new safe and secure emergency operations center to coordinate police, fire and medical responses in the case of an earthquake, flood, fire or other major disaster.

Will There Be Oversight of Spending?

Yes. Measure T requires community oversight and annual audits to make sure the money is spent wisely.

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